Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Alka Seaman's Scarf

Here is a picture of my latest alpaca scarf. I think the yarn is called Oceans. It is a lovely, soft sport weight yarn It was left over from making an Alka shawl. I had started it a long time ago, and this winter the scarf I've been wearing for many years had the yarn on the selvage break. I know I have about 10 inches of the yarn left over someplace, so the damaged scarf is put away until I figure out where it's filed. In the mean time I needed a new scarf. I found this very lost WIP, untangled the yarn and started knitting again. I'm sure the tangle was why I stopped working on it so long ago. I should have rewound the ball when I finished the shawl, but I didn't and it fell completely apart. Too late smart, as they say!

I was traveling when I was working on this, so I didn't have my book with the pattern in it, so I made up the pointed edges as I went. I've no recollection if the original book pattern had a point or if it was squared off. At some point I will get a real camera out and get better pictures.

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