Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blogger blocks Flickr photos

I had planned to post some more about my various projects, but after once again running into Blogger's blocking of images from Flickr, I have decided to try another site for blogging.  It's a shame, but I have been using Flickr for my photos for years, long before I did any blogging.  Early on in my use of Blogger it worked fine to link my photos into my posts, but now Blogger only really wants to pull photos from Google locations.  This is why so few of my posts have had photos.

After a little bit of research I've decided to try WordPress.  Will see how that goes, but it definitely will let me include photos from Flickr and other sites without barfing.  Trying to keep a similar name this is my new blog:  http://timelythoughtsforfun.wordpress.com/