Monday, September 22, 2008


Sunday, September 21 was a lovely day to visit Woolgathering at Young's Dairy on Ohio State Route 68, north of Yellow Springs, Ohio. I took some of my young friends up to select yarn to learn to knit. One knit already, and plans to make some hats, the other 2 haven't knit before, but wanted to learn. We selected a lovely, soft, worsted-weight merino wool yarn, and 2 circular needles each to use the 2 circular method. Since one of them already knew some knitting, we jumped right in and started a from-the-top hat. I expect them to have to rip back and start over a time or so, since that seems to be the way of things, so instead of getting several inches of the full diameter of the hat and having to start over, we decided having to redo less made more sense.

They sure are doing well, each having a couple inches of fabric by the time it got too dark to see and I took them all home. They all go to school together with my son, so will be able to help each other if need be. With luck I'll get some photos of their knitting to post.

Crabapple Butter

Yum! My neighbor has a lovely crabapple bush which survived the tropical storm force winds that Hurricane Ike sent through our area on September 14th. So many trees came down in our part of the state that we were out of electric for nearly a week. Fortunately this crabapple bush wasn't damaged. However, it is so loaded with fruit that the limbs might break. The crabapples are ripe now, lovely shiny red and yellow. My neighbor asked if we wanted the fruit. Oh yes! Our crabapple is too young to bear much yet. Lovely flowers, but not so much fruit yet.

So it's time for crabapple butter!