Monday, August 06, 2007

Elderberry Cordial

Over the 4th of July my mother and I started some Elderberry Cordial using the recipe in "Cordials from Your Kitchen". I've made this before, and it's wonderful! The berries were some Mom had picked last year and frozen. We put the frozen berries straight into the mix. Per instructions I've shaken the containes (quart and other such jars) every few days.

Yesterday was the day to strain the cordial. It sure is lovely. Dark, rich purple, and the smell is heavenly. A week of settling then I'll rack it and put it into nice bottles.


Heather said...

Are elderberries supposed to be bitter, even after being cooked? I'm having trouble appreciating the flavor even when sweetened. Do other's feel that they are merely an acquired taste?

Shelley McClanahan said...

Heather, I've not noticed elderberries to be bitter, but I do not include green ones. I try to use only fully ripe berries, which are all the lovely black/purple color. They do have a distinctive taste which I enjoy in pies as well as the cordial. Lots of seeds in the pie, of course, but that's true for blackberry or raspberry, too. I don't use more sweetening for elderberry than I do for any other berry.