Friday, June 23, 2006

Sugar Snap Pea Pickles

Today my first batches of sugar snap pea pickles are done. Last night I just had to try them, though.

First I tried the brined peas. These were made using a recipe for brined green beans. The peas came out well, but I don't think I'll use dill as a flavoring for peas next time. Maybe tarragon. Perhaps I should put in a little of that cinnamon mint? More experimentation is needed. The flavor is good, and the texture a bit crisp.

Next we got the jar of vinegar pickled peas opened, which took a bit of wrestling. These pickles had been put in a jar with the flavorings, the cooled pickling solution poured over them, then left in the fridge for 2 weeks. Trying these immediately after the brined peas was a bit of a shock. The sourness of the wine vinegar was in direct contrast with the fermented brined peas.

However, while very different, they are also very good. We've been getting rain so with luck I'll be able to do another batch of sugar snap pea pickles before they're done for the season.

In the next day or so I'll move them from the pickling jars into small jars and hot water bath can them. Otherwise I'd have to keep them all in the fridge, which would in large part negate the advanages of pickling them!


Sharon Kane said...

Dear Shelley,
For your brined snap peas, did you simply cover them in brine and let them sit? or did you do a French rinsing technique I just read about?

Sharon Kane, (I've had success at lacto-fermented sauerkraut in a ceramic crock and am looking to ferment more garden veggies)

Shelley McClanaan said...

Hi Sharon,

I layer the peas with the spices (hot pepper, tarragon and garlic), then cover with brine. After a couple days there will be some white stuff on the surface that you will need to remove daily. I keep the peas under the surface of the brine by putting a baggie with brine inside on top. It takes about 2 weeks for the fermentation, similar to sauerkraut.

sharon k said...

Hi Shelley,
Thanks for the info. I'll keep you posted. Are you interested in any other successes I have this season? I'm looking to try fermenting various excess leafy vegs like chard, lettuce, horseradish greens, root veg greens, etc.
thanks again,

Shelley McClanaan said...

Hi Sharon,

Yes, I'm very interested in what you find in your fermenting experiments. Please do let me know what you learn.