Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cat Dancer and Bubbles

Hawkeye Cat continues to do very well. He loves one toy in particular, called Cat Dancer. This is a great, simple toy that is fun for him and fun for me.

Hawkeye is an indoors only cat, which is my preference. I've had indoor/outdoor cats, and ended up with fleas in the house. Not fun, and not something I want to deal with again. Hawkeye loves to look out, and always tells me when there is someone out side, especially the outside cats from the barn next door which I feed outside. However, he doesn't have any interest in being outside himself. The experience of being outside alone in the cold for a couple of weeks and nearly starving to death has made him cautious and appreciative of being inside.

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tacos912 said...

What a cute kitty!

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